Prof. Wim Heijman

Born: 2.2.1953


  • Doctoral thesis: Wageningen University (1991)
  • Master thesis: Tilburg University (1979), University of Utrecht (1985)
  • Diploma thesis: Tilburg University (1975)

Academic Position

  • Current academic position: Professor of Regional Economics
  • Institution of employment: Wageningen University
  • Last promotion to higher position: 2001

Teaching Activities

  • Undergraduate: 4 modules
  • Graduate: 1 module

Mentoring master and doctoral thesis

  •  2 PhD
  • 4 masters
  • 3 Bachelor

List od piblications published in the last 5 years

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  • Heijman W., G. Hagelaar, and M. van der Heide, 2008. Rural resilience as a new development concept. In: Tomic D. and M. Sevarlic, Development of agriculture and rural areas in Central and East Europe. Thematic proceedings of the 100th EAAE seminar. Novi Sad, Serbia.
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