Prof. Morag Mitchell

Born: 20.4.1954, Aberdeen


  • Doctoral thesis: University of Glasgow (2002)
  • Diploma thesis: University of Glasgow (1990)

Academic Position

  • Current academic position: Programme Leader
  • Institution of employment: Scottish Agricultural College
  • Last promotion to higher position: 2006

Teaching Activities

  • Undergraduate: 7 modules
  • Graduate: 4 module

Mentoring master and dostoral thesis

  • 5 masters

List od piblications published in the last 5 years

  • Burnham, S., Mitchell, M., 2007. Assessment of the UK Budget, Nov. 2007: Analysis of implications for Scottish agriculture and rural areas. Report prepared for Scottish Executive Rural Affairs Department, Edinburgh.
  • Mitchell, M., Roberts, D. and Courtney, P., 2005. Economic linkages between small towns and surrounding rural areas in Scotland. Edinburgh: SEERAD.
  • McLeod, M., Copus, A. and Mitchell, M., 2005. Business Networks and Supply Chains in Rural and Peripheral Scotland. Report prepared for SEERAD.
  • Mitchell, M., 2005. The effect of multiple farm-based enterprises as a risk management strategy. Report prepared for SEERAD.
  • Mitchell, M., and Hall, D., 2004. Rural tourism as sustainable business: key themes and issues. In D.Hall, M. Mitchell & I. Kirkpatrick  (eds) “Rural tourism and sustainable business” Channel View Publications
  • Hall, D., Kirkpatrick, I. and Mitchell, M., (eds.) 2004. Rural tourism and sustainable business Channel View Publications