Mario Njavro

Born: 15.8.1974, Požega


  • Doctoral thesis: University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture (2006)
  • Master thesis: University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture (2001)
  • Diploma thesis: University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture (1997)

Academic Position

  • Current academic position: Docent
  • Institution of employment: University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture
  • Last promotion to higher position: 2006

Teaching Activities

  • Undergraduate: 4 modules
  • Graduate: 2 modules

List od piblications published in the last 5 years

  • Götz, L., Njavro, M., Hanf, J., Pieniadz, A., 2009. Vertical Coordination with Growers in the Supermarket Fruit and Vegetables Supply Chain in Croatia. IAMO forum 2009 „20 Years of Transition in Agriculture: What has been achieved? Where are we heading?, Halle, Germany
  • Njavro, M., Par, V., Hadelan, L., 2008. Soil as factor of business results. VII Alps-Adria Workshop, Stara Lesna, Slovakia.
  • Hadelan, L., Njavro, M., Par, V., 2008. Business performance of former state-owned large farms (agrocombinats) after economic system change- Deductions from the Croatian Stock Market. Outlook on Agriculture 37:4, 283-288(6).
  • Njavro, M., Par, V., 2006. Risk Management and Crop Insurance Role and Importance for Horticultural Farms in Croatia. in Cafiero, C. i Cioffi, A. (editors) “Income Stabilization in Agriculture. The Role of Public Policies”, Naples:ESI-Edizioni Scientifiche Italiane. ISBN 88-495-1292-9, str.. 233-245.
  • Njavro, M. and Duralija, B., 2006. Economics Of Out-Of-Season Strawberry Production In Croatia. Acta Horticulture (ISHS) 708:425-428.
  • Franić, R., Žimbrek, T., Njavro, M., 2005. Adjustments of Croatian Agriculture to the Demands of EU. International Conference Papers; European Union & Association, Zagreb, Croatia
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  • Njavro, M., Par, V., Hadelan, L., 2005. IL ruolo e i’importanza della gestione del rischio e dell’assicurazione per le aziende ortofrutticole croate. Economia & Diritto Agroalimentare, Anno X-numero 1.
  • Franić, R., Grgić, Z., Njavro, M., 2004. EU-Integration Pressure and Search for “True Active Participants in Market Development of Agriculture (Such as in the Example of the Privatisation of Sladorana d.d. Županja. Društvena istraživanja, Vo. 13, br.1-2, p. 49-71.