Mr. László Kozar

Born: 13.11.1960, Ózd


  • Doctoral thesis: University of Debrecen (2004)
  • Master thesis: University of Debrecen (1988)
  • Diploma thesis: University of Debrecen (1986)

Academic Position

  • Current academic position: Assistant Professor
  • Institution of employment: Budapest Business School, University of Debrecen
  • Last promotion to higher position: 2004

Teaching Activities

  • Undergraduate: 4 modules
  • Graduate: 4 modules

Mentoring master and doctoral thesis

  • 2

List od piblications published in the last 5 years

  • Kozar, L., 2004. Financial Situation and the role of the Futures Business in the daily life of Enterprises. Campus, Debrecen
  • Kozar, L., 2005. The Role of Grain Public Warehousing in International Comparison, its Effects on Farms Ghent
  • Kozar, L., 2006. Marketing on the common market of the EU, Official Institute of EU Luxembourg
  • Kozar, L., 2006. Development of the Commodity Exchange in Hungary. Conference of Economics of Agriculture X., Gyöngyös
  • Kozar, L., 2006. Price Risk Management by Futures Markets and Public Warehousing. Debrecen
  • Kozar, L., 2007. International business. Executive International MBA Course University of Zagreb Zagreb
  • Kozar, L., 2009. Marketing and Commerce in the practice, Szaktudás. Budapest, 2007
  • The possible role of Futures Market and the Public Warehousing, AVA Congress4 Debrecen
  • Kozar, L., 2009. International Trading Technique and the Commodity Exchange Budapest Business School, Budapest
  • Kozar, L., 2009. International Trading Technique, Szaktudás, Budapest