• 1st study year
  • 1st semester
  • English
  • Students’ engagement: Review and analysis of case studies (1-4)

Objective of the Module

Objective of the module is to make students capable to understand the basic principles of marketing from practical point of view.

Content of the Module

  1. hour: Basics of marketing
  2. hour: Specificities of marketing in agri-food sector
  3. hour: Marketing strategy
  4. hour: Marketing environment
  5. hour: Consumer behavior
  6. hour: Case study 1
  7. hour: Business markets
  8. hour: Segmentation and positioning
  9. hour: Product policy
  10. hour: Price policy
  11. hour: Case study 2
  12. hour: Channel policy
  13. hour: Direct sale of farm products
  14. hour: Wholesaling and Retailing
  15. hour: Case study 3/a
  16. hour: Case study 3/b
  17. hour: Communication strategy 1.
  18. hour: Communication strategy 2.
  19. hour: Case study 4/a
  20. hour: Case study 4/b

Examination method and requirements

Writen: Team evaluation of Case studies given.

Description of the individual assignment

Case study will be based on real cases prepared by teachers.

Compulsory Literature

  1. Kotler, P., Armstrong, G., 2005. Principles of Marketing. 11th Ed. Pearson Books, UK

Recommended Readings

  1. Chaston, I., 2004. Knowledge based Marketing. SAGE Publications, London, UK
  2. Mariotti, J., 2000. SMART Marketing. Capstone Publishing Ltd. Oxford, UK