International Marketing

  • 1st study year
  • 2nd semester
  • English
  • Students’ engagement: Preparation of an international marketing plan by team work
  • Pre-requisite course: Marketing

Objective of the Module

Students have to got acquainted with principles of international marketing relations in order to create marketing plan for international business penetration.

Content of the Module

  1. hour: The global marketplace and global agri-food market
  2. hour: Creating competitive advantage
  3. hour: Structure of the marketing plan
  4. hour: Objectives
  5. hour: Introduction to the company and the product
  6. hour: Description of the marketing strategy
  7. hour: Macroeconomic description of the target country
  8. hour: Description of the target market
  9. hour: SWOT analysis
  10. hour: Setting long and short term objectives
  11. hour: Short term tactical steps
  12. hour: Long term steps
  13. hour: Short term action plan: product policy
  14. hour: Short term action plan: price policy
  15. hour: Short term action plan: distribution policy
  16. hour: Short term action plan: communication policy
  17. hour: Long term action plan
  18. hour: Budgeting 1.
  19. hour: Budgeting 2.
  20. hour: Controlling

Description of student’s work

  • Development of a marketing plan based on a real business data by team work.

Examination method and requirements

Writen. Group project: Marketing plan for an international market based on real data.

Compulsory Literature

  1. Kotler, P., Armstrong, G., 2005. Principles of Marketing. 11th Ed. Pearson Books, UK
  2. Kárpáti, L., 2006. Marketing Plan – Practical Guide. Published by University of Debrecen

Recommended Readings

  1. Czinkota, M.R., Ronkainen, I.A., 2001. International Marketing. 6th Ed. Harcourt College Publisher, Fort Worth, USA
  2. Bradley, F., 1991. International Marketing Strategija. Prentice Hall International, Hemel Hempstead, UK