• 1st year
  • 1. semester
  • English

Objective of the Module

Objective of this training is to get the students acquainted with the major concepts of micro and macroeconomics and to apply these concepts to daily practice as much as possible.

Content of the Module

  1. hour: Introduction microeconomics
  2. hour: Consumer theory
  3. hour: Consumer theory
  4. hour: Consumer theory
  5. hour: Producer theory
  6. hour: Producer theory
  7. hour: Producer theory
  8. hour: Theory of markets
  9. hour: Theory of markets
  10. hour: Demand and supply of agrifood products
  11. hour: Introduction macroeconomics
  12. hour: The closed economy without government
  13. hour: Closed economy with government
  14. hour: Open economy
  15. hour:  The role of money
  16. hour: Simple IS-LM model
  17. hour: Inflation
  18. hour: Economic growth and agriculture
  19. hour: Unemployment
  20. hour: International trade

Examination method and requirements

  • Oral: The attendance and motivation of the student will be accounted for (20%)
  • Written: there will be a written exam (50%)
  • Other: a written paper on a specific aspect of the Croatian economy (30%)

Description of the individual assignment

The individual assignment consists of the studying of and writing a paper on a specific aspect of the Croatian economy

Compulsory Literature

  1. On-line materijal: Robert E. Schenk: Cyber Economics – An Analysis of Unintended Consequences,

Recommended Readings

  1. Case K.E. and R.C. Fair, 1996. Economics. Pearson, Upper Saddle River (NJ)
  2. Hall R.E and M. Lieberman, 2005. Economics: principles and applications. Thomson.