Croatian Business Law and Contracts

  • 2nd year
  • 3rd semester
  • English

Objective of the Module

Students will acquire knowledge on business law which is a prerequisite for doing business successfully. It will include knowledge on different types of business contracts that managers deal with on a daily basis. Knowledge of the elementary terms of EU law. Students will get skills regarding to legal structure and status of business entities and regarding to proper business behavior in legal issues.

Content of the Module

  • Goal and purpose of law. Business law. Trade law and contracts. Trade company law. Private and public law. Civil law. Croatian and international business law. Law standards and institutes.
  • Sources of law. EU law. Data bases and search for law sources.
  • Business law contracts. General conditions and legal consequences. Obsoleteness. Guaranties, mortgages, cessions, settlements. Different types of contracts.
  • Trade companies: Basic forms in Croatia and EU. Legal personality. Corporations. Firm as a legal entity. Data bases relevant for business. Single proprietorship, partnerships, limited partnership, corporations. Simple limited liability company. Economic interest grouping. Cooperatives, associations, family farms. Related enterprises. Concern.
  • Law on market competition: General ban on limitation agreements. Agreements on prices. Division of market. Exclusive businesses. Discrimination of consumers. Control of concentration and monopolisation.
  • Institutions: Trade (business) courts. Arbitrages. Central Depository & Clearing Company Inc. Agency for protection of market competition. State Intellectual Property Office. Croatian chamber of economy. Associations.

Examination method and requirements

Qualification paper and oral exam. Practical assignment- data base search.

Compulsory Literature

  1. Horak, H., Dumančić, K., Preložnjak, B., Šafranko, Z., 2011., „Uvod u trgovačko pravo“, HDK i partneri j.t.d., Zagreb (e-izdanje dostupno na: )
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Recommended Readings

  1. Horak, H., Bodiroga Vukobrat, N., Dumančić, K., Šafranko, Z., 2012., „Hrvatsko i europsko pravo društava/Croatian&European Company Law“, Zbornik radova/Proceedings, Ekonomski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Zagreb
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