Business Planning

  • 1st year
  • 1st semester
  • English
  • Pre-requisite: Passed module of Strategic Management

Objective of the Module

Students will get familiar with preparation and writing of a business plan

Content of the Module

  1. hour: What is a business plan and why write one?  The business plan as a planning document, as a yardstick, as a financial tool, the role of the plan in raising money.
  2. hour: The business legal forms.
  3. hour: The contents of a business plan.
  4. hour: Products and services.
  5. hour: The main elements of a marketing plan.
  6. hour: The main elements of a marketing plan.
  7. hour: Operational plan, product development, manufacturing, maintenance and service, external influences.
  8. hour: Current product development status, manufacturing in detail.
  9. hour: Production costs and planning.
  10. hour: Management and organization: management levels, teams, organizational chart, policy and strategy.
  11. hour: Structure and sources of capital.
  12. hour: Capital requirements, the sources of capital.
  13. hour: Financial plan. Projected income statements
  14. hour: Projected cash flow statement, current balance sheet
  15. hour: Other financial projections, break even analysis, sensitivity analysis.
  16. hour: Financial data. Net sales, total sales per market, operating expenses, amortization, interest income, income taxes.
  17. hour: Cash receipts, cash disbursements, capital expenditures, long term, short term dept, balance sheet and financial ratios and statistics.
  18. hour: Liquidity ratios, asset management ratios, debt ratios.

Examination method and requirements

  • Oral examination: through presentation of a business plan (30%)
  • Written examination: Preparation of a business plan in a team-work (70%).
    The business plan should be based on existing business of one of the team members. Students must establish and prove contacts with the business during making of the plan.

Compulsory Literature

  1. Fred R. David, 2005. Strategic Management. Pearson Prentice Hall Education LTD. ISBN 0-13-127675-1

Recommended Readings

  1. Siegel-Ford-Borstein. Business Plan Guide, Ernst & Young, John Wiley & Sons Inc. ISBN 963 8401 13 3