PREDAVANJE: Enabling environment for integration od small farms into agri-food chains in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Datum i mjesto održavanja: 1. veljače 2017., 16h, Dvorana V/1

„Poslovno upravljanje u agrobiznisu“ predavanje pod nazivom

„Enabling environment for integration od small farms into agri-food chains in Eastern Europe and Central Asia“

Predavač:  dr. Sc. Stjepan Tanić, dugogodišnji agrarni ekonomist Regionalnog ureda za Europu i Središnju Aziju, pri FAO.  Dr. Tanić se u svom recentonom radu bavi lancima vrijednosti u poljoprivredno-prehrambenom sektoru te identifikacijom i procjenom uzroka i učinaka otpada od hrane.

Stjepan Tanić



Stjepan Tanić Agri-food Economist was a Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia, FAO in Budapest.

During his work with FAO, Mr Tanic has contributed to the preparation of reports, studies, publications and technical assistance projects in the area of farming systems development, farm management and agribusiness development, as well as the implementation of numerous workshops and meetings. Current areas of work are related to capacity and institutional development for inclusive value chain linkages, coordination and development; enabling environments for agri-food chain development; identification and assessment of causes and impacts of food losses and waste.

Mr Tanic has contributed to a number of research, development and technical cooperation projects implemented within the framework of national and European research programmes, or supported by the FAO, World Bank, EBRD, and private sector. In various capacities during his career, he also participated in a number of bilateral and multilateral governmental activities, as well as meetings organised by international organizations such as OECD, FAO, World Bank and EC.

Previously, Mr Tanić was an associate professor and research advisor on Farm management at the University of Zagreb, Croatia. He also served as President of the Agricultural Research Council in Croatia as well as the Deputy Minister for the Ministry of Agriculture in Croatia.

Mr Tanic holds a Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics from University of Zagreb, Croatia.

Najava AgriMBA kongresa 16. do 20. lipnja 2015. Poreč (eng)

Dear all,

We have the pleasure to announce the International AgriMBA Congress „Smart Agribusiness for the Society of Tomorrow“, that will be held in Poreč, Croatia, June 16-20, 2015.

The Congress will provide a platform for determination of recent trends in agribusiness and related sectors, narrowing the gaps between industry, education and research. It aims to improve attractiveness of studies in the field of business administration with special emphasis on agribusiness. During the Congress there will be a FAO Workshop: Enhancing Efficiency and Inclusiveness of Agri-food Chains in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

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