Prof. András Nábrádi

Born: 14.5.1956, Debrecen


  • Doctoral thesis: Hungarian Academy of Sciences (1993)
  • Master thesis: University of Debrecen (1993)
  • Diploma thesis: University of Debrecen (1980)

Academic Position

  • Current academic position: Professor
  • Institution of employment: University of Debrecen

Teaching Activities

  • Undergraduate: 3 modules
  • Graduate: 3 modules

Mentoring master and doctoral thesis

  • 50 masters
  • 8 doctorals

List od piblications published in the last 5 years

  • Nábrádi, A., 2009. Some economic issues of sustainable animal husbandry in Eastern-Central Europe, DELHI BUSINESS REVIEW 10:(1) 1- p.
  • Nábrádi, A., Ficzeréné Nagymihály, K., Nagy, A., 2008. Rahmenbedingungen der osteuropäischen Landwirtschaft. UMWELTGERECHTE NUTZUNG UND NACHHALTIGE ENTWIKLUNG DE LANDLICHEN RAUMES 2008:(1) 167-186
  • Nábrádi, A., 2008. Marketable value of grassland products. CEREAL RES COMMUN 36:(supplement 5) 2027-2030 (2008) IF: 1.190
  • Nábrádi, A., Pető, K., 2008. Efficiency indicators of various levels: Partial, complex, corporate, regional, and macro-economical. In: Dienesné K E, Pakurár M (ed.). Tradition and Prospects in Management. Proceedings. Debrecen,  Hungary, 2008.10.02-2008.10.03. Debrecen: pp. 67-83.(ISBN:978-963-9822-05-5)
  • Nábrádi, A., Ficzeréné Nagymihály, K., 2008. A possible examination method for observing agriculture.In: E Mathijs, W Verbeke, B Hendryde Frahran (ed.). XII Congress of the European Association of Agricultural Economists : People, Food, and Environments: Global Trends and European Strategies. Gent, Belgium, 2008.08.26-2008.08.29.Gent: pp. 314 Paper 530. (ISBN:978 90 809 1590 9)
  • Ficzeréné Nagymihály, K., Nábrádi, A., Pummer, L., 2008. Longitudinal examination as a possible method of observing agriculture.GAZDÁLKODÁS 52:(22) 43-50
  • Nábrádi, A., Majewski, E., Robertson, G., 2007. Business Plan.Warsaw: 1-61 p. Handbook for the International Program in MBA Agribusiness Management under auspices of the International MBA Board.: MBA in Agribusiness Management, Warsaw University of Life Science, Poland.Electronic version:
  • Szőllősi, L., Nábrádi, A., 2006.  Financing by Foreign Capital in point of Investment Analysis In: Harnos Zs, Herdon M (ed.). Summer University on Information Technology in Agriculture and Rural Development, Hungarian Association of Agricultural Informatics . Debrecen, Magyarország, 2006.08.19-2006.08.22..pp. 112-117.(ISBN:963-87366-0-7)
  • Jávor, A., Nábrádi, A., Lapis, M., 2005. Romanian Utilization Possibilitiesof the Hungarian Experience of the EU Accession. LUCRARI STIINTIFICE ZOOTEHNIE SI BIOTEHNOLOGII XXXVII: 664-671
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