Uvod u poslovni engleski jezik


To introduce students to:

a) basic terms used in the language of business and economics and to

b) basic communication formats common in an English–speaking business environment .


Business Communication Skills (Basics): business correspondence, presentations, meetings, reports, describing graphs.

Vocabulary Focus (topics): setting up (entrepreneurs and types of business organization, business plans), recruitment, management, company structure, marketing (products, marketing, advertising), market structure, competition and takeovers, stocks, bonds, banking, accounting and financial statements, central banking, taxation, business cycle and the crisis, international trade, EU, farming.


a) one 5-min presentation  on a topic of students’ choice (presentation phrases, structured talk), b)  a business letter (layout, target phrases), c) one-page report (layout, report-writing phrases), d) vocabulary test (open-book exercice).

Required reading

MacKenzie, I. (2010). English for Business Studies. Cambridge University Press. (selected chapters)
Resource Bank 1, 2 (current year).Katedra za strane jezike Ekonomskog fakulteta Sveučilišta u Zagrebu (course material).

Recommended sources

Littlejohn, A. (2004) Company to Company. Cambridge University Press. (for business correspondence)

Allison, J., Townend, J. with Emmerson, P. (2008) The Business (upper-intermediate). Macmillan Education. Oxford

Business publications and relevant web-sites, e.g. The Economist, The Financial Times,The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Fortune, Business Week,  www.investopedia.com, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, OECD, World Trade Organization, European Commission.